Episode 3: The Art of the Radical Ordinary

In our third and final episode of the Real / Symbol series, we explore how communities are cultivating a collective sense of right to land through real and symbolic acts of defiance, survival and hope. Through conversations with community members, activists, organisers and academics from around the world, we see how this is embodied through the rituals of everyday life in practices of digging, weeding, self building, walking, listening, brewing, seed saving, foraging and trespassing.

We also look at how Christian communities can engage with community led initiatives and how they might respond humbly, wisely and imaginatively to resist the temptations to control the processes of change in our neighbourhoods.

Thanks to all those contributed to this episode: Mo Younis, Charity Akingbade, Julia Heslop, Alastair Mcintosh, Luke Devlin, Sheryl Cathey, Ken Mallon, Val Middleton, Sharon Bousefield, Chris Jones, Al Barrett, Loretta Lees, Gemma Herries, Alison Wilkinson, Lydia Hiorns, Hannah Marsden, Ben Quash, Tom Merritt Smith, Helen Lunn

The podcast was produced by Alison Merritt Smith with post production by David Benjamin Blower. Our title Music comes from Newcastle artist Dextro and the track Clearing which is from their album ‘In the Crossing’. Music also comes from David Benjamin Blower including the tracks ‘The Light’ and ‘O Sleeper’ from Hymns for Nomads Volume 2.

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