To accompany each podcast episode, Real/Symbol has produced three beautiful limited edition risograph zines.

Designed by Benji Spence and Alison Merritt Smith, each zine contains quotes, poetry, photography, writing and design which compliment the themes of each episode. They are designed to give more food for thought on the themes of each episode and help you hold the space a little longer. 

Zines are a common expression in DIY culture and are often used by artists and community activists to distribute ideas cheaply, quickly and in an accessible way. Drawing, collage, writing, poetry and design are used to convey and share important ideas and opportunities for collaboration. Self published pamphlets have also been used by faith communities to spread new perspectives and interpretations within their communities especially in ways that were relevant for people’s everyday lives. The work of Real / Symbol sits within this community arts, activist and faith tradition. We hope that the Real / Symbol zine can capture some of the key ideas of the podcast and help different communities discuss and share ideas of how to organise, connect and learn together. 

Each zine folds out into a beautiful A3 format poster (297 x 420 mm). They were printed by Overlay Press in Newcastle upon Tyne using the process of Risograph which is a high volume form of printing often used to create artistic pamphlets and flyers. To receive a copy of the zines by post please email alisonmerrittsmith[at]gmail.com. You can read the pdf version of the first issue of zine here.