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REAL/SYMBOL is a three part podcast and publication that explores the real and symbolic questions of land, gentrification and displacement in urban contexts and how communities are responding with real and symbolic acts of defiance and hope.

Real/Symbol invites you into layers of conversation, storytelling, poetry, scriptures, and reflection with a variety of voices – local residents, activists, researchers, artists and theologians.

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Episode 1: Even the trees are being displaced

In this episode we start at the beginning by exploring how the process of development has deeply affected the neighbourhood of Shieldfield (and neighborhoods like it) and how these processes have caused not just physical displacement but also emotional and spiritual displacement. We also ask you to consider how the processes of development are affecting your community. What are the multiple effects of gentrification where you live ? How is it preventing certain communities from flourishing? How can you call attention to what is happening?

Contributors include: Loretta Lees, Chris Jones, Willie James Jennings, Darren McGarvey, Alastair McIntosh, Julia Heslop, Hannah Marsden, Lydia Hiorns, Alison Wilkinson and many residents from Shieldfield.More

Real / Symbol Episode 1: Even the trees are being displaced

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